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Künstlerin Ölbild Landschaft Dänemark

St. Albert /Ærø 7/10/2013 oil on canvas 70x90 cm

Looking at this painting I breathe and feel a fresh breeze and smell the salty air of the north. The sea, the sky and the coasts blend into a unity of possibilities that nature has to offer. The vastness of the view in the picture creates a space of limitations and infinity at the same time, which I like to feel, lose myself in it and get out again. It is precisely the rocky coast that on the one hand reminds me of my shaky existence, but on the other hand also promises me a solid ground for the course of my life, producing the roar of the living sea. Having just escaped from the entanglements of the reeds, I can all too quickly become entangled in many kinds of nets in the sea before the promise of the distant coast does not allow my as yet unfulfilled hopes to dry up.
Peter Bartels 11/2022

Künstlerin Ölbild Abstrakt Dänemark

Rainy day I/ Ærø 4/10/2012 oil on canvas 90x70 cm

In the abstract work "Rainy Day" in oil by Ute Meyer is a middle area with much black, where the eye is drawn to first. In this black field are lighter areas of color, as well as at the top and bottom of the picture. All-over painting plus center. The work has for me the charisma of a positive melancholy, it lets my gaze and thoughts wander meditatively - and that daily.
Ingrid Gans 11/2022

Künstlerin Ölbild Natur Blumen

Poet daffodils and perennials forget-me-not 26/4/2011-oil on canvas

"Whoever has two loaves of bread, sell one and buy daffodil flowers for it, for bread is food only for the body, but the daffodil nourishes the soul." - This wonderful statement is attributed to Mohammed! The daffodil was one of the few flowers that was planted in ancient times simply for its beauty and not for its suitability for medicinal or other uses. Certainly, this plays a decisive role for me that the poet daffodil is one of my favourite flowers - food for the soul. And so that I can see them in the garden and enjoy them not only for a few weeks in spring, I took this beautiful picture into our winter garden.
Ursula Windmiller  11/2022

Künstlerin Ölbild Landschaft

West Mill Loch of Hamar I   Shetland 7/2005 oil on canvas 40x40 cm

It is the sky, so familiar to me from Scandinavia, the colors that give me on the one hand the impression of the feeling "I know " on the other hand I am inquisitive about the design. As small as this picture is, I still discover something new, different - especially when the surrounding light conditions change. Then it suddenly seems very alive, animated. It is still a pleasure to have it in my study - the eye can rest there when I look up from the PC.
Susanne von Eitzen

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